Rainbow Bridge

Rest peacefully friends, for we, who love you, know that you have gone to a better place where the pain you may have suffered has been lifted and your innocent and loving souls may now rejoice in being reunited with your kin. May you forever play together in the lush, green space especially waiting for you over the Rainbow Bridge, a place that is free of pain and where you are able to run free and be happy.

                Belly rubs for everyone!

Hey Bonnie, share the ball with the rest!! Hey Koa, continue to greet everyone at the front door and bark until you get a hug and a pat! Chloe, you will never be forgotten. Alex, your children, grandchildren and now great-great-grandchildren all carry a wonderful part of you.  Madison, you left us far too soon. Keep up that playful spirit and hope you've found another favourite pair of feet to "attack" in your exhuberance. My darling little girl, I still feel your presence as I carefully walk down the stairs. Ivy, we hope you have a new, comfy dog bed where you can continue to stash all your toys.  My beautiful Meg, I will miss you more than words can express.  You were such a wonderful, loving family member and I'll never forget the last look you gave me before you passed to the bridge from my arms.  I hope you have met the rest of your kin and can once again dance and play.

Val Bindon and Shawn and Kelly Bindon

Meg: Kinship's Meg Ryan

(9 points, including a BOS)
1998-04-02 to 2007-01-18

Ivy: Kinship's Ivy League

1994-01-25 to 2006-01-17

Madison: Kinship's Talent For Trouble

1998-04-02 to 2005-11-04<

Bonnie: Weeacres Wee Bonnie Sprite

1987-04-05 to 2002 06 07

Alex: Weeacre Masqueradin' As A Lady

1991-02-17 to 2001-10-17

Koa: Weeacre's Golden Edition

1987-07-02 to 1999-11-15

Chloe: Kinship's Follow My Shadow

1996-10-17 to 2001-10

Pictured on the left with her Mom, Ivy and Alex